IPDS Printing and Features

Intelligent Printer Data Stream, or IPDS, is a printing protocol developed by IBM® that is used by many back-end systems (for example, AS/400 and mainframe). IPDS contains information needed to identify, monitor, and control the functions of the printer. IPDS printers have advanced formatting capabilities including graphics, barcodes, and text; one drawback of IPDS printing environments, however, is cost: purchasing and maintaining printers designed for IPDS printing can be prohibitively expensive. For this reason, software IPDS print solutions are a cost effective alternative.

A diagram of the flow of IPDS data from an AS/400 or mainframe to a PC computer with a software IPDS print solution installed

ExcelliPrint® IPDS software is an affordable and simple drop-in replacement for expensive IPDS printers. ExcelliPrint accepts IPDS print requests from IBM iSeries and IBM zSeries® computers over TCP/IP and fully support the IPDS protocol. ExcelliPrint now supports printing IPDS to Windows Vista™.

Software IPDS solutions redirect print jobs to other printers or to file by emulating an IPDS printer. In this way, these solutions maintain the advantages of IPDS, including AFP capabilities and two-way printer and host communication, but provide greater flexibility in selecting print destinations and output types.

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